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Pinspiration Easter

Well hey there. Are you all ready for Easter weekend? I’m planning to take our little guy out for another Easter Egg hunt :) Who knows . . . maybe we’ll score 2 eggs this time around! G has to work, so we are spending the weekend in town. Although I’m not hosting, I’m still planning to whip up an Easter dinner so we can enjoy all the leftovers!

I’ve been on the hunt for a few, fun new recipes and Pinterest has so many great ideas! I put together a menu based on my recent pins. Here’s what I found…

Easter Dinner Menu

1. Are you a fan of peas? So many people don’t like them. I’m not a fan of mushy peas, but I think they are great when cooked properly. This recipe includes sugar snap peas and pancetta . . . and sounds like a winning combination to me!

Food Stylist: Anne Disrude  Prop Stylist: Pamela Duncan Silver


2. Scalloped potatoes are the perfect side dish for ham. Lately, I’ve been using a lot of sweet potatoes, and I am excited to go back to the traditional for this meal. G is a big fan of scalloped potatoes and this recipe looks creamy, cheesy and delicious!



3. I love going to the grocery store in the spring when all the fresh veggies and fruits start rolling out. G and I have been adding asparagus to our meals for the past couple of weeks and we can’t get enough! I generally sauté them in a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Given the other dishes in my Easter meal, I decided to try a little something new…



4. I just adore the Italian Easter Bread images that are floating around Pinterest. They are so festive and fun! And I’m pretty sure my Italian grandma would get a kick out of the Easter egg in the middle :)

Easter Bread


5. The star of this Easter meal has got to be the ham. Ham is a traditional Easter food. I did a little research and learned that back in the good ole’ days, pork had to be cured. Pigs were slaughtered in the fall and because the curing process took a long time, the hams were not ready until spring (i.e., Easter). Thus, ham became the perfect choice for Easter dinner! While lamb is another popular choice given that Easter is the celebration of the Lamb of God, I decided to roll with ham . . . and I’m looking forward to the leftovers already!



6. And last, but certainly not least, I’m making coconut cake for dessert. I talked about my new love of coconut cake last week, and I am so excited to make this darling little Easter bunny :) Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Easter Cake


Question of the Day: Do you have any traditions for your Easter meal? Any fun plans for the weekend? If you’re celebrating this holiday, I wish you a very blessed Easter weekend!

4 Comments on Pinspiration – Easter Dinner

  1. Ashley
    April 18, 2014 at 9:33 am (3 months ago)

    Wow, Jill, looks so yummy, especially the cake! Happy Easter to you and your family!

    • Jill
      April 18, 2014 at 11:07 am (3 months ago)

      Thank you, Ashley!! Happy Easter to you and your family, as well :)

  2. Leila Dishes
    April 18, 2014 at 1:29 pm (3 months ago)

    You’re so good about holiday meals. I’m not sure if we’ll be doing a big dinner this year. My parents will be in town and leaving before dinner time, but I don’t really want to spend a sunny afternoon cooking for just Tim & I. We shall see! Where are you going for an Easter egg hunt? We’re heading up to Harvest House in Greenbluff tomorrow, provided G is feeling better. Egg hunt, brunch & pumpkin donuts. Yes please!

  3. Jill
    April 18, 2014 at 3:12 pm (3 months ago)

    Ah, thanks! I really enjoy creating traditions for our little family :) Our homeowners organizes a big Easter egg hunt . . . you guys are more than welcome to come join Cole and me! Although, I don’t think I would want to pass up those pumpkin donuts . . . I’ve heard they are amazing!!


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